Sunday, 18 January 2015

journalling vibes

Setting myself resolutions and challenges has never really been that successful, I'm someone who is both determined and yet can procrastinate spectacularly well, so setting myself things to overcome just makes me anxious about achieving them, thus negating the purpose of the challenge anyway.

I think I've realised now that if I just go and do something, then I will reap the rewards from that. It's as simple as that, unfortunately. There's no magic technique to stop procrastinating, you just go and do it. I am sure I've linked this article before but it serves its purpose really well.

I finished my first semester of second year on the 12th January, and since then I've had nothing much to do, so decided to fill in my time with using a moleskine sketchbook I was given by my friend for Christmas. I've been collating scraps, ephemera and envelopes for a while and felt it was the right time to start using them. 

There's no way I will be able to continuously add pages to this journal, but I'm hoping that I can fill it up by the end of the year. It's already quite de-personalised - it's more about getting textile and pattern-based inspiraton from things I've seen and found - but I'm hoping to put more personal and "diary" like aspects in, like an art journal I did in 2012.

I consider myself a creative person, but I'm really bad at continuously practicing my craft, so this will be a massive work in progress so I can hone my technique, make a bit of a mess and generally have something else in my life that is creative... my course last term got pretty stressful and I hardly had time to do anything fun!

Let me know what you think, and if you have links to a sketchbook or journal I'd love to see it!

ciao and stay wiggly

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Go, and do not stop

It always comes back to this. I get absorbed in my life, in what I do, in the people I see, and as soon as it comes to the holiday I fall into the trap of asking myself who am I, what the hell am I doing with my life, and what on earth are my hobbies actually?? It then comes back to me writing again, for this poor blog that I neglect when I am in Aberdeen - but as soon as I am at home and I am not surrounded by glaring deadlines and formidable knitting machines, I end up having zillions of existential crises and I have a yearning to write it down so that the odd stranger can read it. 

It feels like rather good timing for my bubbling need to write again, as it is about to turn into 2015, a year which is the same distance from 2000 as it is 2030. It's the perfect time of the year to make solemn promises to myself to eat better, drink better, be better, procrastinate less, smile more and in general live better. 

Everyone loves a New Years Resolution, and everyone loves to hate to break one. Someone mentioned in passing to me the other day that if you were serious about changing your life, then you wouldn't wait for the new year to actually realise it. For many though, the change of (usually) one digit in the calendar signifies the possibility of huge potential changes, which I for one am not up for putting down.

What pisses me off is so many of us wait for the clock to switch from 11:59 to 12:00 for major changes to suddenly happen, which naturally, never do. We're humans, we love to picture a future where everything is hunky dory but never actually do anything to make it hunky dory. We're stuck in a present that turns into a future we dream of but never comes to pass as we never bother to change it. 

Fuck New Years, and FUCK OFF NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS. If I am going to change my life, it's going to be in the near distant future. So, never.

Ciao, stay wiggly, and break your New Years Resolutions,


PS The title of this post is great and from this piece of writing.
PPS Don't tell anyone I read Thoughtcatalog, thx.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

inspiration | new york fashion week ss15

I am a little ashamed to admit that prior to studying fashion and textiles at university, my passion for fashion (excuse the cliche statement!) was enhanced through drawing, blogging and obsessive reading of magazines. I was never too keen on keeping up with (what I thought to be) more sophisticated fashion weeks which occurred annually in February and September in all the fashion capitals. I considered the fashion shown to not really be something I could strive for, but now looking back I regret not jumping in and simply using the internet and social media to keep up to date. Just because I wasn't able to buy the products shown shouldn't mean I couldn't watch it - it's fantastic just to watch the action unfold, even if you are in bed in pyjamas watching a live stream, and the clothes shown are bang on, or ahead of, trends and show you what will be on the high streets months in advance.

Potentially I wasn't quite drawn to keeping up to date with the fashion weeks because it is called "fashion" week, and I am more drawn to textiles. However, I think watching it live can allow the fabrics to seem real and close up photographs usually uploaded instantly after a show offer stunning glimpses of high quality fashion, and it is then that you see that textiles is just as prominent, with many designers not only focusing on tailoring and intricate dressmaking, but using textile techniques such as embroidery, print work and weave, to name a few, which can offer me valuable inspiration.

I think the point I realised why they are important was when I visited Paris for the first time earlier this year and going into an Issey Miyake store where I was allowed to get close to the fabrics and feel their quality. It was an amazing experience that highlighted to me to keep up to date a little more with designers and their collections. As a fashion student it was a little strange I didn't keep up with it a bit more!

Vivienne Tam SS15 RTW via

My favourites of New York Fashion Week, which began last week on the 4th September, have been Vivienne Tam and Phillip Lim. Vivienne Tam's show was simply amazing - there was so much inspirational pieces in there. Landscape prints and detailed embroidery finished up with my absolute favourite pieces from NYFW so far, beautiful Ming inspired ceramic prints interspersed with mesh.

Phillip Lim was just as unique, and I think offered a very cool activewear inspired collection with cool futuristic vibes, and the piping and unique contouring neckline which warped to the left was to die for.

Phillip Lim SS15 RTW via
Other notable mentions are Rebecca Taylor - whose colour palette and absolutely gorgeous patterns (which I thought seemed like micro-organisms!) were to die for - and The Row. Mary Kate and Ashley seem to really know their stuff, and I think by showing a collection with near to know fastenings showed how good they are at design, simply beautiful folds and layering with a fab colour range, and in a really spectacular venue, was in my opinion one of the best shows of the week so far.

To be honest, just last year I thought keeping up to date with the designer shows was time consuming, but in an age where you can watch live streams (and the shows only last about 15-20 minutes yesterday) and see photos and read instant coverage on Twitter, you don't really have to take much time out of your day even just to see what trend cropped up most.

There's up to date coverage of not just New York Fashion Week, but Milan, Paris and London, over at Now Fashion, which I've been using to write instant reviews of shows for a fashion website(!!). It's been a good lesson to me to stay organised and keep on top of things, that's for sure!

If you've caught any shows, what have been your faves so far? And if you aren't really keen on fashion, why not have a look at some of the shows on Now Fashion? You might see something that speaks to you!!

Hope you liked the post, stay cool n wiggly!!


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

wedding dresses 1775 - 2014 @ the v&a

I finally had the opportunity to visit London a few weeks ago, and the most important thing for me to do when I got there was to visit the V&A. I've been wanting to visit the museum for years, and there were some particular books that featured the museum in it that made me want to visit it even more... so finally getting the chance to visit it literally made my week! 

Unfortunately, for any of the special exhibitions at the V&A you are not allowed to take any photographs, so even though I really wanted to, you weren't allowed!
I was lucky to be able to borrow my cousin's membership card so my sister and I could get in to the very popular Wedding Dresses 1775 - 2014 exhibition. My poor sister hasn't got a real interest in art, but even she felt the exhibition was curated very well and the entire exhibition was, all in all, fantastic.

It was fascinating to see the history behind the wedding dress, starting from when a wedding dress was simply the best dress a woman had, or bought for the occasion, and then worn again and again afterwards.

Before Queen Victoria, a wedding dress was any colour, but for richer people it was an extravagant colour such as red or blue that cost a lot to produce, so they could show off their wealth. The majority of the dresses on show from the more recent past were not stuck behind glass so it was really easy to go up close and look at the detail behind the craftsmanship.

My favourite dresses in the collection were the couple dresses from the 1970s which were mini dresses, and I think it was mainly from the fact they were so simple, but when worn oozed a very rebellious sort of elegance. I'm certain that when it comes to me wearing a wedding dress, I'll be rocking a simple silk mini dress!

But my absolute favourite item in the exhibition was a beautifully tailored coat, where all the decorations had actually been painted on! From circa 1971, you can see that there's a lovely contrast between the cream base of the wool crepe fabric and the decorative flowers, which I think makes it very aesthetically pleasing. It really looks like it has simple been stitched on, but on closer inspection you can see that has been very finely painted on with a great care for attention. The story behind it is that the bride's mother did not want her to wear white as the bride was marrying a divorce! You can read more about the coat, designed by Richard Cawley for Bellville Sassoon, here.

I also posted this over at my new very professional textile-y blog, which you can go check out here. The number of different tumblr blogs, and now with this new blogger blog, is now up to a pretty large amount! They all have varying degrees of formality and use, and I do post on them all! I'm going to attempt to write up a list of all of my tumblrs, blogs, websites etc. and I'll stick them somewhere useful on each of the websites, so that people can easily find them all!

Hope you enjoyed this review of the exhibition!

ciao and stay wiggly

The Wedding Dresses exhibition is being shown at the V&A until 15 March 2015, for more info check out