Sunday, 27 July 2014

how to have a creative summer

One of my main goals for this summer has been to, basically, have a creative summer. What do I mean by that? Well as an art student a summer is 4 months where you don't technically have to do anything art-y at all. And in theory it sounds great but if I were to not do anything creative at all over the summer and then came back to college after summer I'd find it difficult to transition back into the creative mindset. By doing lots of creative things over the summer it makes it easier for me to 1) continue being in a creative mindset when I'm back and 2) use some of the stuff I've done over summer as inspiration.

It's a win:win situation! What I think is important though is that even if you aren't a creative person, it's to know that literally anyone can be creative. Not everyone knows that literally every skill is learned. If you continue to fiddle around with a guitar you are eventually going to be able to play a chord, then a little rhythm, and then a song, and then hey presto, you've written an album and you're super famous!!

It's an old one, but practice does make perfect. If you start a sketchbook and start writing and drawing in it after a year you've probably gotten a lot better at drawing.

So even if you don't like these tips, grab something you've not considered doing before and try doing it, then try doing is some more. Before summers end I'll bet you're a few steps closer to being awesome at it. It's worth saying - if you don't try you will never know. And go do it. (how many cheesy cliche phrases can I fit into this post??)

Here are a list of a few ways to either be creative or to go outside and be inspired in order to maybe instil some summer creativity. Even if you don't get some new ideas, you are bound to collect some nice photos anyway.

  • go for a walk and take a photo of the first 10 things that catch your eye
maybe one of those 10 things inspire you to start a project based around it. 
  • start a dream diary 
I started a dream diary last month and I am now able to remember a dream practically every night. They are super weird, though. I only found out through this Rookie post, that doing a dream diary actually makes it easier to lucid dream, too. 
  • draw your hand every day
you're bound to be pro at drawing hands by the end of the summer.
  • learn a new craft-y skill
whether it's something like weaving (little desk weaving looms are super cheap, and you then just need string and yarn), making your own sketchbook, making bracelets, knitting, crochet,
  • start a photo diary
i've mentioned this in a previous post about taking photos here, but it's worth mentioning again as it's been helping me a lot in regards to "lost" inspiration, the kind of inspiration that in the moment is really inspiring to you but you then forget to record it. try taking more photos and then at the end of the day choose two that stand out to you, and then showcase them in a simple format (you could use a nice tumblr theme for example). 
  • see something you want to buy but it's £££££? try make one yourself
crochet bra lets and crop tops are super in, but why not try and crochet one yourself? how COOL would that be if someone asks you where it is from? OH I just crocheted this MYSELF! (+10000 cool points). 
  • tidy your room
okay so this doesn't sound particularly creative, but I find tidying my room to be not only fun, but you can come across a lot of things you have forgotten about. You might find something from years ago that reminds you to try a new hobby again, or you find a book you've forgotten about. Also, you end up with a tidy room!
  • go inside every charity shop you can find
You might not buy anything ever, but at least looking inside every charity shop you see gives you more chances to find something really cool. And it gives you major cool points if someone asks where something is from and you say "oh, it's was 40p from a charity shop". so cool, man.
  • learn to meditate
this is one of the things i've been meaning to do, and the concept of which eludes me a little. meditation is super, super good for you though so if you have the opportunity definitely try to learn.
  • read classics
another thing i've been aiming to do is go through classics. I love reading but I'm astounded at myself that I've hardly read any. They may not be considered good (I told my mum I was reading Wuthering Heights and she said "why" a lot) but reading classics can offer you new viewpoints of the world. Don't brag about reading them though that's just lame.

They're small things, but everything starts out small. And most of all, they're fun things to do. If you have any creative ideas or have been trying to be creative this summer, let me know, I'd love to hear about it!! 

Be wiggly n creative!!!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

ootd | tumblr art girl

grey/white stripe top - asos
red corduroy dungaree dress - primark via ebay
denim shirt - levi's via vintage fair
watch - charity shop
socks - asos
earrings - birthday gift
scrunchie - topshop
badges n brooches are stuff i've collected over the years

what is this??? an ootd?? I have felt bad for a while as I am not only a fashion student, but I call this a fashion blog primarily and this is my first ever proper style related post! Pretty bad, huh?

The red corduroy denim dress is literally my favourite item of clothing right now, and I am so pleased to have found it on eBay. I've started following a group of people on tumblr who are very arty and a lot had worn these in selfies, so through some detective work I found out it was from Primark a year or so ago and actually managed to buy it for £4.99 off eBay! Just last week I decided to find the black version and snapped that up for 99p off eBay too. I felt like the bargain queen to be perfectly honest!!

The massive denim shirt is something I got from the Edinburgh Freshers Vintage Fair last September, and even though I wasn't an Edinburgh fresher I still hadn't started uni at that point so I thought it was worth a shot, and the stuff I got I've consistently worn throughout the year so I got a lot of good stuff out of it.

I shy away from wearing the big denim shirt quite a lot, mainly because it's so oversized that it is practically a dress on me. But I really love it so I should really try a bit harder, as it can really go well with anything to be honest!

Basically all the photos are me mid-laugh as my mum made fun of me the entire time. It made for some quite happy-looking photos though so, I don't mind particularly much! How lovely is my mum's garden though? I've persuaded her to let me take cuttings off some succulents to grow in pots for me to take back to Aberdeen - how exciting!!

Au revoir and be wiggly

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

arty farty | my sketchbook

I've been off from uni for nearly two months now, which is rather hard to believe! It's been rather nice not having to franticly meet deadlines for the past two months, but I have to say I really miss it and my friends, and really can't wait to start second year on the 26th September.

Anyway, on 9th May it was assessment hand-in, and one of my projects that I had recently finished was the "Assemble" project. Using inspiration we could have found from anywhere, we had to design a t-shirt dress which was inspired by a particular designer from a list. I chose Louise Gray who tends to uses a lot of bright, bold and irregular patterns in one garment, so using that as a starting off point I began to find inspiration from ceramics, stained glass (mainly from some primary research in the Saint Chapelle in Paris) and distressed surfaces I came across at the art school or around Aberdeen.

Some of my favourite pages are ones from the research stage, which are below.

Development was when I began to take this inspiration and translate it into workable patterns. I mainly did this using Photoshop, the photocopiers at Gray's (which hardly ever work and cost sooo much money), experimenting with the heat press and printing and just drawing stuff out. Photoshop was my favourite thing in this project and the tutor pointed that out in feedback! I just find it so easy to move primary research forward into patterns using it, and in my opinion some of the patterns I made I could actually wear myself!

Opinions are welcome, constructive criticism is super useful and one I've grown to love and use. Let me tell ya, right at the start of the year it was hard to hear constructive criticism as I only heard the 'negative' criticism part, but really it's about looking at what can be improved!

If anyone is at all interested in a post about sketchbook tips, let me know!

Ciao and stay fabulous,