Sunday, 27 July 2014

how to have a creative summer

One of my main goals for this summer has been to, basically, have a creative summer. What do I mean by that? Well as an art student a summer is 4 months where you don't technically have to do anything art-y at all. And in theory it sounds great but if I were to not do anything creative at all over the summer and then came back to college after summer I'd find it difficult to transition back into the creative mindset. By doing lots of creative things over the summer it makes it easier for me to 1) continue being in a creative mindset when I'm back and 2) use some of the stuff I've done over summer as inspiration.

It's a win:win situation! What I think is important though is that even if you aren't a creative person, it's to know that literally anyone can be creative. Not everyone knows that literally every skill is learned. If you continue to fiddle around with a guitar you are eventually going to be able to play a chord, then a little rhythm, and then a song, and then hey presto, you've written an album and you're super famous!!

It's an old one, but practice does make perfect. If you start a sketchbook and start writing and drawing in it after a year you've probably gotten a lot better at drawing.

So even if you don't like these tips, grab something you've not considered doing before and try doing it, then try doing is some more. Before summers end I'll bet you're a few steps closer to being awesome at it. It's worth saying - if you don't try you will never know. And go do it. (how many cheesy cliche phrases can I fit into this post??)

Here are a list of a few ways to either be creative or to go outside and be inspired in order to maybe instil some summer creativity. Even if you don't get some new ideas, you are bound to collect some nice photos anyway.

  • go for a walk and take a photo of the first 10 things that catch your eye
maybe one of those 10 things inspire you to start a project based around it. 
  • start a dream diary 
I started a dream diary last month and I am now able to remember a dream practically every night. They are super weird, though. I only found out through this Rookie post, that doing a dream diary actually makes it easier to lucid dream, too. 
  • draw your hand every day
you're bound to be pro at drawing hands by the end of the summer.
  • learn a new craft-y skill
whether it's something like weaving (little desk weaving looms are super cheap, and you then just need string and yarn), making your own sketchbook, making bracelets, knitting, crochet,
  • start a photo diary
i've mentioned this in a previous post about taking photos here, but it's worth mentioning again as it's been helping me a lot in regards to "lost" inspiration, the kind of inspiration that in the moment is really inspiring to you but you then forget to record it. try taking more photos and then at the end of the day choose two that stand out to you, and then showcase them in a simple format (you could use a nice tumblr theme for example). 
  • see something you want to buy but it's £££££? try make one yourself
crochet bra lets and crop tops are super in, but why not try and crochet one yourself? how COOL would that be if someone asks you where it is from? OH I just crocheted this MYSELF! (+10000 cool points). 
  • tidy your room
okay so this doesn't sound particularly creative, but I find tidying my room to be not only fun, but you can come across a lot of things you have forgotten about. You might find something from years ago that reminds you to try a new hobby again, or you find a book you've forgotten about. Also, you end up with a tidy room!
  • go inside every charity shop you can find
You might not buy anything ever, but at least looking inside every charity shop you see gives you more chances to find something really cool. And it gives you major cool points if someone asks where something is from and you say "oh, it's was 40p from a charity shop". so cool, man.
  • learn to meditate
this is one of the things i've been meaning to do, and the concept of which eludes me a little. meditation is super, super good for you though so if you have the opportunity definitely try to learn.
  • read classics
another thing i've been aiming to do is go through classics. I love reading but I'm astounded at myself that I've hardly read any. They may not be considered good (I told my mum I was reading Wuthering Heights and she said "why" a lot) but reading classics can offer you new viewpoints of the world. Don't brag about reading them though that's just lame.

They're small things, but everything starts out small. And most of all, they're fun things to do. If you have any creative ideas or have been trying to be creative this summer, let me know, I'd love to hear about it!! 

Be wiggly n creative!!!


Holly Peckitt said...

So many good ideas!
In September I'm starting my second year of GCSE Art and Design, as part of my summer homework, I've chosen to do a dream diary - which we then have to create pieces from. Tidying my room is something that I've been doing since I broke up last week and I've found I've suddenly wanted to be so much more creative in how my room is.
Top of my summer bucket list - Learn how to make Origami Dragons.


Jean said...

Aw thanks Holly!! I hope your dream diary goes well, and you're discovering cool (and weird) things about yourself in the process :) Have fun making origami dragons, if you make 1000 it's meant to be good luck! (or that might be origami cranes, hehe!)

you have a fab fab fab summer too holly, lots o love!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Milly W-H said...

Such an amazing post Jean! You've definitely inspired me to become more creative I definitely want some of those cool points;) The dream diary sounds super Awesome, I can't wait to start mine! Love your blog as usual and I hope you're having an AMAZEBALLS SUMMER!!
Milly xx

Jean said...

Thank you so so much Milly!!! Gotta get em cool points gurl!! Thansk so much for popping by and commenting, I appreciate it so much <3 Have a fab creative summer and I hope your dream diary goes well!!

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