Sunday, 28 December 2014

Go, and do not stop

It always comes back to this. I get absorbed in my life, in what I do, in the people I see, and as soon as it comes to the holiday I fall into the trap of asking myself who am I, what the hell am I doing with my life, and what on earth are my hobbies actually?? It then comes back to me writing again, for this poor blog that I neglect when I am in Aberdeen - but as soon as I am at home and I am not surrounded by glaring deadlines and formidable knitting machines, I end up having zillions of existential crises and I have a yearning to write it down so that the odd stranger can read it. 

It feels like rather good timing for my bubbling need to write again, as it is about to turn into 2015, a year which is the same distance from 2000 as it is 2030. It's the perfect time of the year to make solemn promises to myself to eat better, drink better, be better, procrastinate less, smile more and in general live better. 

Everyone loves a New Years Resolution, and everyone loves to hate to break one. Someone mentioned in passing to me the other day that if you were serious about changing your life, then you wouldn't wait for the new year to actually realise it. For many though, the change of (usually) one digit in the calendar signifies the possibility of huge potential changes, which I for one am not up for putting down.

What pisses me off is so many of us wait for the clock to switch from 11:59 to 12:00 for major changes to suddenly happen, which naturally, never do. We're humans, we love to picture a future where everything is hunky dory but never actually do anything to make it hunky dory. We're stuck in a present that turns into a future we dream of but never comes to pass as we never bother to change it. 

Fuck New Years, and FUCK OFF NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS. If I am going to change my life, it's going to be in the near distant future. So, never.

Ciao, stay wiggly, and break your New Years Resolutions,


PS The title of this post is great and from this piece of writing.
PPS Don't tell anyone I read Thoughtcatalog, thx.


Frances Mai said...

I liked this a lot. Very well written and to the point :)
- F -

Cat said...

I loved this post. It's so bloody true...why wait for NYE to change your life? xx

Holly Peckitt said...

I really love this post, as it's reminded me of what I've been thinking for the past few days - why do we make such a big deal out of a single digit change? Why not change your life when you want to, not neccessarily because a new year has begun?

Jean Oberlander said...

Thanks for your comments gals!
It's so true - why bother making them if we just break them??? seems pretty pointless to me! i'll be changing my life on my own terms (so, never!!).
thanks for hopping over to my wee blog!!! <3

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