Sunday, 18 January 2015

journalling vibes

Setting myself resolutions and challenges has never really been that successful, I'm someone who is both determined and yet can procrastinate spectacularly well, so setting myself things to overcome just makes me anxious about achieving them, thus negating the purpose of the challenge anyway.

I think I've realised now that if I just go and do something, then I will reap the rewards from that. It's as simple as that, unfortunately. There's no magic technique to stop procrastinating, you just go and do it. I am sure I've linked this article before but it serves its purpose really well.

I finished my first semester of second year on the 12th January, and since then I've had nothing much to do, so decided to fill in my time with using a moleskine sketchbook I was given by my friend for Christmas. I've been collating scraps, ephemera and envelopes for a while and felt it was the right time to start using them. 

There's no way I will be able to continuously add pages to this journal, but I'm hoping that I can fill it up by the end of the year. It's already quite de-personalised - it's more about getting textile and pattern-based inspiraton from things I've seen and found - but I'm hoping to put more personal and "diary" like aspects in, like an art journal I did in 2012.

I consider myself a creative person, but I'm really bad at continuously practicing my craft, so this will be a massive work in progress so I can hone my technique, make a bit of a mess and generally have something else in my life that is creative... my course last term got pretty stressful and I hardly had time to do anything fun!

Let me know what you think, and if you have links to a sketchbook or journal I'd love to see it!

ciao and stay wiggly


Janette Garcia said...

That's so interesting! I love to journal to de-stress but it can get boring and this adds personality to the process. I'm like you in that I'm determined but procrastinate very well haha

Holly Peckitt said...

I love what you've done with this!
This is something I'd really like to do once I've finished GCSE Art - there's only a few months to go, but I don't feel right now I can really enjoy art until the pressure has been lifted.
Lovely post Jean *HUGS* xoxoxo

Ellie Connor-Phillips said...

I adore your journal!! so so so inspiring, seriously

Jean Oberlander said...

Janette - Thanks so much for stopping by! It totally does, I understand ya! I always find ways to procrastinate but somehow still have the need to be perfect, it's such a weird combo!!

Holly - Ahhh Holly thank you!! *HUGS* right back at ya! Definitely let yourself have more fun creatively when it's over, I totally feel the same when I'm at uni, I don't feel I have enough energy to have fun! Thanks so much hun <3

Ellie - Thank you so much for dropping by, commenting and spreading the love!! I appreciate it so much, thanks sweet! <3

Frances Mai said...

I've nominated you for the liebster award! I hope you can do it ☺

Aiko said...

This is so creative!

martina caruso said...

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Safah said...

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS JOURNAL (and really your entire blog, so glad I found it!) And I actually tried to something like this in a moleskine too but the fancy expensive paper freaked me I bought a super cheap one instead and now I'm art journalling in that hehe ^-^ I do something a little similar to you, I've recently become absolutely besotted with mixed media, I love collage and adding text and embroidery to my pages, the different textures and layers are so much fun to explore. I've linked my site below, my most recent art journal page should be on the front page :P looking forward to more of your posts!


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